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Important Detail of Pinroll Jeans

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-26
There’s one super-important detail of pinroll jeans I haven’t told you about yet. 

A detail that separates great pinroll jeans from average ones. 

That, of course, is jeans with selvedge. 

‘Selvedge’ stems from the word ‘self-edge’. 

Selvedge denim is denim woven in a way that prevents the raw edge of the fabric from fraying.
The edges of denim that’s woven the ordinary will fray. 

To prevent this, the seam edges of ordinary denim jeans have to be finished off with a sewing machine. 

On selvedge jeans, the outer seam doesn’t have anything other than the neat finish created by the loom. 

Sometimes this edge also has a red line incorporated into it. 

These jeans are often referred to as ‘red selvedge jeans’ or ‘red selvedge denims’. 

A good example is Levis 522 jeans. The Levis 522 also happens to be one of my personal favourite cuts. 

Selvedge denim looms are usually half the width of regular looms. 

Therefore, they make fabric that is much narrower. 

This means that it takes a longer piece of selvedge denim to make the same pair of jeans. 

So in addition to their unique detail, selvedge jeans are also more expensive to produce. 

Because of their exclusiveness …
… selvedge denim jeans have become a favourite amongst sneakerheads and others wearing sneakers and jeans with a pinroll. 

And BTW, you can also find selvedge chino pants. 

If you can’t get hold of selvedge denims, jeans like the Levis 511 shown below are a good alternative. 

They have a finished-off edge. 

This makes them look better than ordinary denims when pinrolled, even though they’re not true selvedge jeans. 

However, to really nail the pinroll look, you must know more than just what trousers to get …
… you must also know which shoes to NEVER pair with pinrolled jeans.