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How work clothes manufacturers to determine the styles customer wants to?

Whether a work suit is made or not depends on the choice of work clothes style, but the work clothes manufacturers how to determine the customer wants to work clothes style? Is not the customer has been put forward, work clothes manufacturers to make it out like it, it is not true, today's new workshop Xiaobian to brief you about how the new workshop is to determine the customer want to work clothes style?

Work clothes manufacturers generally first according to corporate customers work clothes style requirements in addition to the first piece of uniforms. And then manufacturers will try to try to try to change the model, change the first part of the unreasonable details of the trial, and then according to change the requirements of the second proofing, and then sent to the customer to sample, if the customer in the second sample There are problems, put forward the problem, the work clothes manufacturers will be the third proofing, and then try, so go back and forth until the final date.

Although this is more complex, but reflects the new workshop fashion work clothes made when the rigorous attitude.

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