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How to wear stylishly for summer in real life

  • Author:Rail
  • Release on:2016-07-19

Summer dressing is a worry when you’re a Brit, as we generally feel more at home in boots, jeans and a brown coat than an off-the-shoulder top. But summer 2016 has outdone them all, turning the daily challenge of what to wear into an adrenaline-inducing, mind-bending, weather-themed episode of The Crystal Maze. 


Comfort before fashion

This is not a political broadcast on behalf of the Dowdiness Party, merely a suggestion to rule out anything that will make you sweat, get creased up, hot or dirty, or bleed. Goodbye, ivory satin. Goodbye, linen dress that makes you look fresh from the recycling bin. Goodbye, lacerating gladiator sandals. Garments that make you feel or move self-consciously are also not worth it. Too-high heels, skirts with awkward splits and trousers that ride up my calves when I’m sitting – I mean you. I’m a big fan of wafty silk-chiffon skirts and dresses, but check that they haven’t scrimped on slips that go no further than the thigh. Also, anything that requires a strapless bra is a mistake. 

Colour is up to you

‘It’s summer, you must wear vibrant florals!’ No, no, no. Down with this insanity (sorry, Gucci). Rather than wearing the whole rainbow, pick your colour – one that brightens your eyes and skin – then buy more than one piece in the same tone. My colours are black, khaki and blue. Opening your wardrobe and seeing a limited palette is so much less taxing than trying to perfect the art of colour clashing before 7.30am. A skirt that matches your T-shirt, or a coat in the same colour as your dress, is the height of now. Fashion people say that tone-on-tone dressing makes them look  ‘pulled together’, which is another way of saying rich. I’m fine with that. 

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