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How to wash white shirt?

White shirts can often represent a solemn and formal occasion. With the economic era and the development of the knowledge age, white shirts are increasingly loved by men and white-collar workers. However, white shirts always have an annoying problem, that is, white shirts are very dirty, and it is difficult to wash after being dirty. jacket with reflective tapes

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After market research and data research, here are a few ways for everyone to easily solve the problem of how to wash white shirts.

      First of all, first determine what fabric is white shirt, stains on the white shirt, dirt, yellowing or stained with blood or other, and then choose a suitable way to clean.

     1. The white shirt is yellow, stained with oil, and has perspiration:

     Method one uses a conventional laundry method. Soak the yellowed clothes in normal temperature water, then pour some laundry detergent or washing powder (recommended to use white laundry detergent or white laundry detergent, wash and protect one), gently wash, white shirt is very It will turn white soon.

    Method 2, the spinach can be put into the water to boil, go to the vegetable to leave the soup, put the yellowish place on the white shirt into the spinach soup and gently wash it, then soak for about 10 minutes, then put on a basin of room temperature water, according to Normal laundry program cleaning, white shirt yellowing problem can be solved.

    Method 3, first clean the white shirt with a proper amount of laundry detergent or washing powder (or recommend a good white brand), then change to a basin of normal temperature water, add 3-5 drops of pure blue ink, stir well After that, put the washed white shirt into the water and lift it up and down 3-5 times. The white shirt will be cleaner and whiter. Method 4, Taomi Shui is a natural decontaminant that can play “multi-role”. When we cook, we can leave the rice water, put the white shirt into the rice water for about 10 minutes, and then use the laundry liquid. After cleaning, the white shirt will turn white and quickly become white.

     2. White shirt has cosmetic dirt:

When you are not paying attention, your white shirt may be stained with various cosmetic products, such as lipstick or foundation dirt. Most lipsticks are oily lipsticks and contain a variety of fragrances or pigments. When cleaning, they can be washed with warm soapy water, alcohol, or carbon tetrachloride or volatile oil.