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How to wash the cotton work clothes will not be old

The main features of the overalls are comfortable to wear. Breathable. Sweat. Harmless to the human body. Cotton dyeing performance is better, and there is a color of cotton clothes, it will be a little bit dark, the more obvious you should wash with Other clothes separate, and soak time is not too long, the cotton detergent and solution mediation evenly, then the clothes soaked, or will make the clothes fade uneven.
Summer clothes are thin, and cotton wrinkle resistance is not very good, usually when washing the best water temperature of 30 degrees - 35 degrees, soak a few species, but not too long, after washing should not be wring dry, cool in the ventilation It is recommended to use acidic detergent (such as soap), so that it can achieve a neutralization effect.If you use cotton special detergent that will be slightly better. In addition summer must be grounded in the summer, Wash the lottery (usually once every three days), so that sweat will not remain in the clothing for too long

Most of the cotton overalls are single-collar, thin, you avoid the brush when the brush, do not force rubbing, when the sun drying clothes and collage finishing. Avoid Alice. Scrubbing later, do not wring dry, do not dry in the sun, do not dry at high temperatures.

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