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How to wash linen fabric?

Linen is a kind of cloth made of various kinds of hemp plant fiber. It has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, fresh air, washing, drying, anti-corrosion and bacteriostatic.
Linen is a kind of fabric made of flax, ramie, jute, sisal, and hemp. Generally used to make casual wear, overalls, can also be used to make environmental protection packaging, fashion handbags, craft gifts, exquisite food small sacks, pet supplies, cement products and maintenance, calligraphy and painting technology, architectural decoration, store decoration, hardware product packaging bags, road maintenance, environmental protection products, the new plate, hunting supplies, garden supplies, craft shoes and hats, exquisite tags, ocean shipping shipping supplies, etc. Its advantages are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, air permeability is very good. Its disadvantage is that it is not comfortable to wear, the appearance is relatively rough, stiff. The products made of linen are breathable and fresh, soft and comfortable to wash, resist the sun, corrosion, and bacteriostatic characteristics.
Washing way
Washed: dress is protein and tender care fiber weaving, washing is unfavorable in coarse rubbing and washing machine washing, clothes should be immersed in cold water for 5-10 minutes, with a special silk detergent synthetic low foam detergent or neutral soap, then rub gently rub, color silk clothing repeatedly rinsed in clean water.
Drying: clothes should not be exposed to the sun after washing, and should not be heated by drying machine. It should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Because ultraviolet light in the sun easily makes silk fabric yellowing, fading, aging. Therefore, the silk dress should not be twisted after washing, so it should be gently shaken off, and then be hung out to dry until it is dry and ironed or shaken out.
Ironing: the anti-wrinkle performance of the garment is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, so it is said that "wrinkle-free is not real silk". The clothes are wrinkled and need to be ironed to be crisp, elegant and beautiful. When ironing clothes drying to seventy percent dry evenly spray fog water again, to be hot in 3-5 minutes and then ironing temperature should be controlled below 150 ° C. The iron should not be pressed directly to the surface to avoid auroras.
Collect: collect clothes, to thin underwear, shirt, pants, skirt, pyjamas, want to wash clean first, after ironing, collect again. In the autumn and winter clothing, coat, coat, Chinese clothing, and qipao, which are not convenient to be taken apart, should be cleaned with dry cleaning, and then pressed to prevent mildew and moth-making. After ironing, it can also play the role of sterilization. Meanwhile, keep the containers and cabinets clean and tightly sealed to prevent dust contamination.