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How to wash cotton workwear correctly

Washing clothes is a chore companies often encounter, especially cotton clothes not only comfortable, but also very absorbent, So it is very popular in most factory. but most often wear clothing is most easily soiled , for a variety of stains, we can use some of the tips, not damage clothing, but also make clothing reply original luster. So how to properly clean clothes?


First, wash the blood stains (ginger + sulfur soap) infected blood stains clothing to be cleaned immediately, using a simple soap can be cleaned. However, if a little longer to clean blood stains is not so easy, you can use ginger scrub blood stains position, rinse with water, then with sulfur soap to clean the place is not clean, use cold water, so repeated rubbing and washing, until clean.

Second, clean ice cream stains (cold water) does not accidentally get on the ice cream do not use hot water to wash, you can use detergent + full immersion in cold water, about half an hour, the stain will slowly drained away, if there are stains can be removed continue to soak in cold and wash.


Third, cleaning red wine stains (fresh milk + Ouzhi) wine although dependents, but also get on very bad stain cleaning, wipe first with boiled milk stains place, and then wash with cold water, with fresh the Ouzhi knead and wash the stain, the stain will gradually subside, and then wash with cold blisters ten minutes, wash with water clean.


Fourth, clean lipstick blots (white wine + detergent) lipstick is the most common and most troublesome stains, you can use cotton balls dipped a little white wine stains graze, and then diluted with warm water to soak clothes detergent, about 20 minutes with cold water rinse.


Fifth, cleaning perspiration (+ vinegar brine) summer when relatively easy to sweat, the clothes will turn yellow, will leave unsightly perspiration, perspiration can be used in place of vinegar spilled, rub washed, soaked in salt water, probably washed with cold water for about 1 hour.


Sixth, clean milk stains (glycerin) with cold water to wash the stains skimmed milk, then heat the water in accordance with glycerol 1: 5 dilution soaked clothing, wash with water after 20 minutes soak.


Seven, cleaning ballpoint pen and India (toothpaste + alcohol) with water in the toothpaste ballpoint pen in India where there is foaming rub, rinse with cold water, scrubbing with alcohol diluted place has imprinted, and finally with cold water clean and dry.


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