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How to wash cotton-padded clothes?

The cold winter, most cannot lack is the variety of cotton-padded clothes. Wear in the body is warm and comfortable, but clean but big trouble, will inadvertently may lead to a shrink?

We talk about the hand washing technique for first. First of all, before washing cotton to use 30 ~ 35 degrees light saline soak clothes for half an hour or so. Don't you think this step is redundant, but this decision to fade and shrink the key steps. Cotton-padded clothes soaking, after the completion of the following can use a PH between 6 ~ 8 neutral detergents, cleaning under the water temperature below 35 degrees. According to? Because neutral detergent less damage on the cotton-padded clothes and decontamination ability. After washing clean, wash your clothes with repeated rinse clean it with clean water. One thing you have to pay attention to, cotton-padded clothes can not be too long time of soaking in the water, washing process must not wrest or energetically rub, so can reduce the degree of shrinkage.

And hand washing, clean with washing machines and how should I take a look at the cotton-padded clothes. Machine wash and hand wash as need be cotton-padded clothes to soak before washing, best can slightly before the machine is simple washed by hand, the effect is much better, oh. After immersing, can the cotton-padded clothes into the laundry bag in the washing machine, and set your washing machine to weak water. If machine wash before preparation good enough, you can run 3 ~ 4 minutes, take out the cotton-padded clothes with water clear.