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How to wash canvas workwear

After entering the winter, temperature around the country began to gradually turn cold, staff are also put on clothes in winter. Can adopt mostly due to seasonal climate, winter uniform density of strong, strong to make cotton canvas.

Polyester/cotton canvas fabric is the most common winter uniform, the spring and autumn period and the work clothes often use polyester cotton canvas, fabrics of the characteristics of the polyester-cotton canvas fabric is thick, strong warmth retention property, and the fabric is not easy to fold, convenient do, cleaning and more convenient. Even so, we at the time of cleaning is to note that first come and see what cleaning polyester-cotton canvas class customized uniform method.

Because the dirt is not the same in different working conditions, in order to avoid bacterial virus cross-infection, so uniform and normal separate washing clothes. If it's not particularly dirty, soak for a long time is not recommended, so as to avoid the color of the clothes more wash more shallow. And at the time of cleaning, pay attention to the light color and brunet dress do not soak washing at the same time, as far as possible avoid has faded clothes stained. Try to cooperate with the laundry detergent washing with warm water, warm water to help the inside of the laundry detergent enzymes effectively break down stains. After washing and dewatering, the proposal will be the uniform level after hanging in a cool, ventilated environment dry naturally, don't exposure. After wash to dry, will the uniform flat folded, try to maintain a clean and tidy flat, folded, or the clothes hanger will smooth suspension. And stored in ventilated, dry environment, avoid mildew bacterium.

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