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How to wash T-shirt rightl?

On weekdays, when cleaning T-shirt, we always hard rubbing, crumpled and believe it was washed clean, but the result is that the T-shirt often scrapped? What is the method of T-shirts washing? How to wash?


T-shirts are mostly personal wear, the upper body should be preceded by washing once after purchase, it can further remove residue in the fabric dyeing process.


Logo T-shirts should be washed when instructions to select the Wash and cleaning products. There are commonly used detergent soap, washing powder, detergent three kinds of different ingredients, washing effect is different.


Some clothing express "non-chlorine bleach," then when washing clothes without detergent to select "chlorine" component, clothes washing detergent or detergent should be preceded by the melt water, otherwise undissolved detergent stick on clothes , could easily lead to clothes colored flowers, this is because the detergent contains trace brighteners, for a long time due to the high local concentration.


Dark clothes soaked with salt water before the first wash 1 to 2 hours, turn over the best printing clothes washing, drying and avoid exposure when the sun reverse side, which prevents fading clothes and yellow hard.


1. Pre-washed T-shirts over, so as not to wash slander beautiful patterns.

2. Do not force the hand wash gently.

3. when the sun is not being in the sun, internal upside down to dry. This can prevent the clothes ruined color, clothes yellowing hardened.

4. dark colored T-shirts for the first time when you can wash salt blisters 1 to 2 hours, to prevent clothes discoloration.

5. clothes when the sun will be a good shape, do not hot ah.

6. Do not mix with other dark clothes washing, to avoid clothes fade, cross color.

7. Do not heat, cotton T-shirt water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, so as not to fall off the printing accelerated aging.


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