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How to use the pocket on suit rightly?

Formal suit three-piece suit with a total of 14 pockets, including jacket, vest, pants, the effect of each pocket is different. Don't confuse, misplaced. If throw it in your pocket for something and hurt your poise and image, it's a great pity.

Jacket under the two bags to hold the relaxation, soft, thin, such as paper towels, must not to the bulging, give a person the sense with timid spare oneself. Coat pocket in the left breast is also called the handkerchief bag, special decoration handkerchief, also can put some thick hard things such as cardcase, make the chest appears plump was flat. Main garment bag can be used to put important documents, vouchers and pen, and straight mouth inside the bag, some coat is dedicated to put the glasses.

Suit vest and four pockets for rare small items, such as rings, lighters, don't be packed like photography vest, appear simple enough.

The left side of the pants pockets for meddling in the heating and put some thick hard things such as cigarette packets. The pants a watch fob is put on the right. After the trousers for two bags, the right to put a handkerchief, a button in the left after the bag is used to put a wallet, notebook, things like that. Suit is usually suit to wear on formal occasions, so suit pocket right use is particularly important.