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How to remove the smell on the workwear?

Uniform above the taste in most case, it is because of sweat, sweat is absorbed by clothes accumulated so would produce smell, the smell is sour, khan in clear when to put the clothes in the water bath, for a period of time, don't put in water to wash the clothes and the detergent that kind of thing, direct the blisters in qing dynasty, the clothes inside the sweat vacuole open bubble dispersion and rinse several times then use detergent to clean, clean it again after dry clean clothes on only a detergent fragrance will not have another taste.

Recently, the weather turns cold when they took out autumn winter clothes from the wardrobe, is there a musty smell? Look at clothes and no mildewy, how did this happen? Due to long-term stored in a closet or when taken out inside the box there will be a musty smell, but really not work clothes mold but because the moisture in the air is too heavy, piling up in overalls on the above so will have this kind of taste. For this kind of smell clean up is easy, find a good weather days put the clothes in the sun to be basked in place have a half ran overalls the moisture inside the sun, so the taste of the clothing will naturally removed.

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