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How to remove the mould?

When the uniform on the extremely difficult to clean of the mould, can use 35 to 60 degrees Celsius hot hydrogen peroxide solution or bleaching powder solution is wiped, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, above such overalls were difficult to remove the mould is easy to wash off.

This method is good, but not all of the fabrics are applicable. At the time of cleaning mildew, also need to suit the remedy to the case. Such as cotton and linen fabrics on mildew, cleaning with ammonia before 20 g / 1 litre of diluent dipping, then wash with clear water. This kind of material of fabric mildew spot removal method is relatively simple, but when the diluent must hold good proportion, or is still equal to doing this.

Now a lot of clothes are zhiyezhuang is given priority to, so silk wool fabrics work clothes is also more and more. If you want to clean this kind of fabric on the mould, should dip in with cotton ball turpentine wash first, then the sun shines, remove the moisture. This way is very simple, but you notice when drying can't tan time is too long.

In fact, as long as we don't usually wear, fabrics of different season or work clothes stored properly, can avoid mildew, yellow, and so on.

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