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How to remove mildew on work clothes?

1. If it is a cotton dress with mildew, can use several green bean sprouts, rub it repeatedly in the spot where the mildew is, and rinse with water, the mildew point will be removed.

2, while woolen clothes appear mildew point, put clothes in the sun first to bask in the sun for a few hours, after drying, the mildew point is brushed with brush gently brush away just can. If it is caused by the oily be soiled, perspiration and mold, can dip in with soft brush some gasoline, where there is mildew repeatedly scrub, then wipe with clean towel repeatedly several times, dry it in ventilated place.

3. The silk clothes have the mildew point, first the silk bubble in the water with the brush to scrub. If the mildew point is more, very heavy, can be in the place where mildew point, besmear some 5% alcohol solution, scrub several times repeatedly, can remove mould spot very quickly. Or wash with citric acid and rinse with cold water.

4. Have mildew on the leather clothes, can dip some soap water with towel to wipe repeatedly first, remove dirt, immediately use clear water to rinse, then air dry, apply some jacket oil again.

5, chemical fiber clothes have mildew spot, usable brush dip a few thick soapy water to wash, rinse again with warm water, mould spot can get rid of.