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How to properly clean the anti-static coveralls?

As the electronics factory develops faster and faster, there are more and more dust-free purification workshops, and the anti-static jumpsuits are also getting more and more used. Anti-static jumpsuits inevitably need to be cleaned, but how to clean them will often plague some electronics factories. Some electronics factories let employees clean themselves, which is very wrong. Because the cleaning of anti-static coveralls requires special cleaning and drying equipment, it should be cleaned in the dust-free purification workshop, and it should be cleaned with ultra-pure water. Of course, the detergent should use a special PH value for neutral. How ordinary employees may have these, and improper cleaning will cause the anti-static performance of the anti-static cleaning suit to be seriously attenuated, and damage the cleanliness of the clean room and affect the quality of the product, so the employees cannot be cleaned by themselves.

So you have it? Of course not, you also need a professional technician to clean the anti-static cleansing suit according to the requirements of purification and cleaning. For example: what is the water temperature during cleaning, what is the number of cleaning and rinsing, what kind of water should be used when cleaning, what is the proportion of detergent added, how to test, what is the standard of testing, etc. These, you need to choose a special anti-static purification coversuit professional cleaning company to help you complete.