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How to match color for workwear?

General sports clothes styles of colors should be bright, give a person with warm, the feeling of vitality.

When meeting or business negotiations, the color of clothing is to grave, it is advisable to simple but elegant is tonal, can seem hard working and do not break sedate missish, work with the surrounding environment and atmosphere.

People of different personality character should be paid attention to when choosing clothing with color coordination:
Calm introverts appropriate chooses the color of the light, plain to match its gentle, indifferent state of mind. The restless, especially the young woman, appropriate chooses bright costumes, more can reflect the youth breath. Sometimes consciously change the colour also have the effect of the foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, such as excessively active women, can use blue or tea color costumes, add gentle temperament; And introverted, quiet, socially women, can try pink, light clothing, in order to add lively, kind of lasting appeal, and the dark clothes with low lightness can aggravate the heavy and the feeling of not approach.

Select similar adjacent color as the collocation of clothing is a skill: on the one hand, two colors on the purity and lightness difference; On the one hand, and to grasp two kinds of color harmony, mutual fusion, bring out the best in each other's results.
General adjacent colour: yellow and green collocation, collocation of yellow and orange, red and purple collocation, gray and brown.

General is given priority to with light color summer uniform, then show the cool and refreshing, the color in order to achieve the overall color harmonious beauty is the best effect.

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