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How to make the color matching of the overalls look good?

When the work clothes are customized, many customers will encounter such problems: employees think that the overalls are not good-looking and they don't like to wear them. We believe that in the design of work clothes, we must consider the aesthetics of employees and pay attention to the matching of colors. In the matching of work clothes, we have some suggestions for everyone. work clothes for men supplier

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A theme color: for example, wearing a solid color work clothes, then the color of the overalls is this theme color, in order to avoid monotony, another theme color matching technique is to use the same color color, which is not only harmonious, but also very collocation .

Two theme colors: There are two kinds of techniques that can be used in the case of two theme colors. One is adjacent color, in green, the adjacent colors are yellow and blue, and the other is contrast color. In green, The contrast color is red - the combination of the two theme colors can also be flexibly enhanced with gold and silver, using black and white as the background color.

Three theme colors: Although it is a three-color principle, it is best not to use three theme colors in actual operation, otherwise the color vividness and color block size should be carefully controlled.

Supplementary principle: The brighter the color, the less the large area is used. The large-area solid color has the effect of swelling. It is best to have only one bright color and up to two.