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How to maintain your fire clothing?

How to maintain your fire clothing?

1, after each use to take off, to check the status of fire service, focusing on checking whether there is wear and tear.
2, if you want to remove the residual dirt on the fire service, use tap water and neutral soap, if necessary, with detergent, detergent only used in contaminated parts, be careful because detergents may damage the aluminum surface.
3, if the fire service has been in contact with chemicals, or found a bubble phenomenon, you should clean the entire aluminum surface. If there is residue of oil or grease on the fire service, wash with neutral soap. 

4, fire protective clothing be sure to conduct a thorough drying before resuming storage, it is best not to fold well.
5, if the fire service surface appears a small area is not very serious burning marks or wear, you can use aluminum spray gun repair. If there is damage to the exterior of the fire service, replace the fire service.

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