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How to identify high-grade T - shirt!

We judge whether the T-shirt is upscale, can judge from three aspects: brand, fabric, work, these three factors, can give T-shirt a judgment.

First we talk about the brand for: if it is a brand polo T-shirt, because polo brand value added in, so usually people will think he is a high-grade t-shirts, so famous brand t-shirts can say it is a high grade. But this is not accurate positioning, because a lot of brand of T-shirt is just big brand added value high, they do not really get high-grade T-shirt fabrics to make clothes, just get the middle-grade fabric, which is most of the brands are doing.

Secondly, we will look at the fabric, and the t-shirts that are made of good fabrics are generally not bad, because they are usually made by the manufacturers with better workmanship. Then, take a look at what the fabric is good fabric, fabric is commonly 21 S and 32 S (S is the number, the higher the count of yarn is fine, fabric more soft), so the high-grade T-shirt fabric count are higher, the higher the better, 60 S higher than 40 S, top count up to 120 S; Another kind of high-grade fabric is the new natural fiber, such as bamboo fiber, tiansi, kapok and so on. Technology can make different quality grade of the cotton with different fabrics, combed cotton is currently use most common T-shirt fabric, on the basis of the general comb we have combed cotton, silk, cotton and long-staple cotton, stretch cotton, etc., and there is an important parameter of these fabrics is the most direct factors that determine whether fabric for high-end, that counts.

In the end, of course, the work is done. The good work is not only good in style, but also very fine in making, which is not necessary for me to say, and you should also understand it. That is, the fabric used is good, there is no high level of production process, the production of products still do not show the high grade. In this way, it can be regarded as a high-end T-shirt with high quality fabrics and fine processing technology, even the top brands are no exception.