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How to deal with pilling on workwear?

Dry air, make the clothes on the badminton is more apparent, even we work wear bespoke overalls are not immune to the pilling for what should we do?

In the case of clothes pilling, we are very difficult to endure, because not only can let a person wearing uncomfortable, but also not beautiful. When we wear the dress of the ball, with a total want to put the pilling clean pull, this not only bad for clothes, and warmth retention property and reduces clothes. Want to stop or slow down the clothes pilling problem, first of all to understand why clothes pilling, and learn to prevent the clothes pilling washing method, let the ball no longer appear. In accordance with the edge clothing customized uniform below small make up to discuss with you.

Now let's look at why clothes pilling? The commonality is fabric pilling, every dress more or less will appear the phenomenon of the ball, but the possibility of some clothes pilling is relatively small. But for the ball, knitting clothes pilling for two reasons: one is the friction, the other is the friction caused by static electricity. For clothes choose good material makes clothes don't how the ball, but there are always surprises. Therefore, when we choose clothes, choose good brand clothes, such clothing materials used is also good, not easy pilling, does not allow the warmth to our clothes.

Know the cause of the clothes pilling after. What should I do next? If our clothes pilling, we can choose to use to weed out those who cut the ball machine hair bulb. So that it can make our clothes look brand-new and also does not affect the clothes of the original warmth, to the best of both worlds.

In addition, we in the usual washing care looking also can avoid the clothes pilling. Some clothes marked "machine washable", for example, when we wash must adopt the way of "carefully washed by hand" washing, must not into the washing machine for save trouble a wash, it will make in the washing machine under the action of a strong, growing friction, resulting in pilling.

Second, when we close-fitting clothes, outside for the suit jacket, we will wear the clothes inside smooth coat, so as not to because when walking friction lead to clothes pilling.

And wash with neutral detergent or soap powder, be sure to use warm water wash, already so easy also is good for the material of clothes. In clean when we don't twist twist, twist twist damage can lead to clothes, we will split clothes out to dry.

Put on your clothes when we feel warm when we feel a warm meaning of happiness. But after we went through, we want to know how to maintain our clothes, don't be to us to solve the problems of our clothes, once the pilling problem, we will not solve. To pilling problem, so we want to do preventive measures in advance, so that you can to minimize the loss.