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How to clean workwear?

Overalls as one of the most intimate partner in our daily life, must be timely cleaning to keep clean
Like medicine industry and other special customized uniform clean, generally need to do the sterilization processing, there are usually specialized departments unified recover sterilization, sterilization will choose fungus bag to store.

First before making a clean job, we need to check the uniform have slit or damage, if any, you need to repair then do the cleaning. Second, if the work process, work clothes have come into contact with toxic substances, when cleaning should pay attention to wear gloves, not directly to contact with the hand.

When there is made in the usual cleaning work clothes, different color should be soak separately, so as to avoid staining. The amount of laundry detergent and soap powder detergent also wants moderate, the use of too much detergent will also destroy the fabric. Still need to pay attention to, according to the uniform of washing label on to clean and see if it is suitable for machine wash or hand wash, whether can accept exposure or dehydration, can we apply the brush wash, a bit not careful it might damage the clothes.

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