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How to clean white black stain on customized uniform?

White overalls were dyed black have 2 cleaning tips, the most common is to use vinegar to clean. Vinegar: is put in the dark place, after waiting for ten minutes, wash with soap, the stain is not only clean and won't leave a mark. With this method suitable for the uniform on newly infected with besmirch, if after a long time can work less. Recommend white overalls had better use white vinegar to clean, such ability won't leaving the vinegar.

The second cleaning method is: use a wet towel touchs ash cleaning method. This method is simple, we use a wet towel with soot in the contamination to the place of besmirch, wiped repeatedly. Remember that the movement wants gently, otherwise easy to damage the uniform. After wiping, rinse off with clear water. Can also use your finger wet ash to wipe the stain. Using this method, the ash after wiping with flexible cleaner to clean up, and ensure that will not wet clothes ironing immediately, it will let the traces of stains on the clothes.

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