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How to clean the white work clothes after being black

Beautiful start from scratch, ready to own a fashionable hair color, but do not care to make hair dye contaminated clothing, white work clothes are black. It is difficult to wash the white work clothes, how can we wash off the hair dye it? Do not worry, where the customer Eslite invited handsome housewife, for your friends to answer this cleaning problem, and now together to understand the next bar!

White work clothes are blackened the first cleaning method is: vinegar cleaning method. Will be eating vinegar drops in the black place, wait 10 minutes later, with soap clean, stains are not only clean and will not leave traces. In this way must ensure that the work clothes on the stain can not be too long, it is best to clean up on the spot in order to protect the clean. The most important thing is that it is best to use white clothes cleaning clothes, so that it will not leave vinegar marks.

The second cleaning method is: with a wet towel stained with ash cleaning method. Wet the towel with a soot in a place where it is contaminated with stains. Remember to move gently, or easy to damage the work clothes. After wiping, clean with water. You can also use your fingers to wet the soot in the stains wipe. With this method, wipe with a soot to use a clean detergent to clean up, and to ensure that wet clothes can not be immediately ironed, so that the work clothes will leave traces of stains.

Finally, the white work clothes in the process of water a few need to pay attention to the place: 1, if you choose to reconcile the detergent with hot water detergent decontamination, found hot water detergency is not enough, you can choose to improve the temperature of hot water, so that detergent Greater effect. 2, in order to avoid improper cleaning method to the white work clothes caused by secondary pollution, before cleaning in the clothes can be sewn, cut a small cloth to do the next use, and then stains at the cleaning.

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