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How to clean antistatic clothes?

(1) In the first place, anti-static working garments refer to work clothes sewn with anti-static cloth, such as cloth, to avoid static electricity buildup in clothing. The antistatic fabric is a fabric obtained by mixing conductive fibers or synthetic anti-static fibers or a mixture of the two at substantially equal intervals or uniformly during weaving.
(2) Conductive fiber is a general term for fibers made of a conductive material or a subconduttivo material that uses metallic or organic materials in whole or in part and has a specific resistivity of a volume of between 104 and 109 Ω / cm. Depending on the distribution of the conductive component in the fiber, the conductive fiber can be classified into three types: single-conductive components, one type of conductive component overlay, and one type of conductive composite. Most anti-static fabrics are made of conductive fibers, in particular the type of conductive composite material, that is, mainly composite fibers are used.
(3) Antistatic forms consisting of conductive fibers are added to chemical fiber fabrics, and energy diffusion is based on two load neutralization mechanisms and loss. A mass, the static electricity on the fabric is neutralized by corona discharge of conductive fibers and can also be fulfilled with the ground through the conductive fibers; when it is not grounded, the electrical energy comes out of the weak discharge of the conductive fibers with a crown.