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How to choose workwear for constraction workers?

Though autumn is approaching,but it is still hot now. Constraction workers always work in outdoor who make a grest contributions in building beautiful cities. How can we do to help them?

In fact, custom-made clothes, the clothes the construction industry is very valued. Due to the special nature of the work environment, work clothes must meet the requirements of the environment, when necessary, claimed their bodies to prevent them from building work in bodily harm, so the construction industry custom-made clothes are functionally very important. What kind of clothes to wear, how to wear clothes, as well as how to maintain their uniforms are all we should pay attention to, which will affect the work clothes in the work environment protection effect.

 A good set of clothes for staff in the construction industry is also very important. General construction companies in the choice of custom-made clothes, it is recommended to use CVC or polyester fabrics, both to facilitate the work, but also comfortable to wear, they are more appropriate dress. We all know that the construction industry in work are exposed to something difficult to clean dust, pulp, cement, cotton material then is your good helper for easy cleaning not fade. If the work is easy to wear overalls or wander, you can use cotton canvas, hardwearing number. Color proposed election in neutral colors, cool colors or dark colors, can effectively prevent the construction workers job adsorption of dust and dirt in

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