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How to choose workwear fabric?

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on:2018-03-05
First, polyester card Paul protective clothing fabrics
In the texture, feel, drape and support are strong, but also has a strong strength and wear resistance, shrinkage is relatively small, labor insurance is not easy to take samples, good durability, affordable, high density cotton canvas, Thick feel, textured clear. More suitable for jackets and the like protective clothing, and wear fast.

Second, poplin cloth Paul protective clothing fabrics
Surface clean and smooth, detailed texture, grain full, smooth and shiny gloss, soft touch features such as waxy, the most commonly used in summer labor insurance clothing. Anti-static dustproof fabric can be made of high-grade anti-static overalls, this fabric is mainly used for storage and transportation, chemical, gas, petroleum, coal, shipping, aerospace, military and other flammable and explosive operating environment, this fabric has a strong wear , Soft and comfortable, hygroscopic breathable features
Third, cotton gauze labor insurance clothing fabrics
High density, the introduction of tissue fabrics, clear lines, Kong Gu clearly, the cloth light, good quality, this kind of fabric generally feel more hard, good material it soft and clean, smooth and oily feel. Cotton, the longest period of use, has been used from ancient to modern times, cotton clothes are comfortable to wear, fabric is very smooth, but easy to pilling, rarely used to make overalls. Coat, casual clothes, bags and work gloves, etc .; woolen cloths will contain hair, the most commonly used in leisure coat, in addition to the production of leisure coat, as well as security coats, casual wear have to use this Kinds of fabrics.

Fourth, chemical fiber protective clothing fabrics
With colorful, soft texture, hanging stiff, smooth and comfortable, durable, easy to care, with anti-wrinkle, can not afford the ball, easy to machine without deformation and other characteristics of life, often use this material, and Polyester fabric is more commonly used, and the prices are cheaper.

Wuhan Kinglong, a SGS certified Chinese manufacturer, has been focusing on safety workwear for 13 years. Fire retardant retardant workwear production are mostly DuPont Nomex flame retardant fabric, to ensure quality and safety. If you are interested in our products, please visit our official website:, or contact us directly!

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