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How to choose stylish shirt

Chest pocket

   Some people like puting the pen, wallet on the breast pocket position, this time you will need to have a chest pocket of a shirt; but the fashion point of view, whether or not you have a shirt chest pocket, we do not recommend that you put anything in chest pocket, which bulging breast ,after all it is not a gentle man should be like . Moreover, we hold that the shirt without Chest pocket is more stylish.


Collar type

   A lead tip buckle of the collar, rounded collar, collar pointed collar, collar semi spread, the shopkeeper's children, standard collar, I believe you have read a lot about collar article, how to tie a foil, this time we will not repeat it. The focus is to note the major premise that the tie of the width should cover the collar lining, such as too small bow tie with a small collar will necklines position, too much tie with pointed collar will not appropriate collar location, appropriate size is the best match.



   Remember to bring your new shirt to the tailor to make modifications.No matter how expensive the ready-made shirt goods are, version type is not necessarily suitable for everyone's body.Cutting the excess of the cloth will make you look better.


Steps to iron clothes

   The first thing to know is, most of the shirt needs iron to get rid of wrinkles, we said is flat iron iron, instead of hanging ironing steam iron. With a flat iron iron pressure can effectively remove wrinkles.

Step one

Many peopleirondirectly, actually before that we need to read the label on the shirt, know the application of iron temperature, under the proper temperature ,ironing will not destorythe shirt.

Step two

Then you have to confirm there is no stains on the shirt, as high temperature will make stains further erosion in the fabric, the more difficult to get rid of it.

Step three

   To add clean waterinto the iron, some people think that the iron heat is the key of the ironing the shirt, but in fact the function of water vapor is also very important.

Step four

spraying a layer of water on the shirt will make Ironing shirts more effective.Slightly moist cloth easier to iron, which is almost the same function as the steam.Then according to the normal steps from the neckline, front, back, shoulders, sleeves and sequential ironing.

   Secretly,mostsupermarkets sell a spray of ironing a shirt, the chemical spray helps to maintain smooth shirts, reduce generatedwrinkles when the shirt dress.


Fabric and maintenance

  It is no absolute right and wrong in choosing the fabric.You should make choice according to what you be fond of ;but the selection of fabrics can choose wrinkle free fabrics in the selection of fabrics, which can in the future saved a lot of time to take care of the shirt. Conservation is not specific to hang or fold, you just make sure you will not dress it before ironing crease .

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