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How to choose right fabric

Press selection overalls uniforms and climate classification according to their choice of materials can be divided into: pure textiles, blended fabric, fur and other materials uniforms. Pure natural textile fibers of cotton, linen, wool, silk; chemical fiber rayon, Dacron, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, Teflon, and so on.


In fact, like clothes or suits that have to pay attention, to consider the feelings of the staff wear, fabric wear comfortable? Especially construction machinery to do the worker who sweat easily, in the choice of fabrics to choose when wicking fabric, but also do not ball, do not fade after washed, staff uniforms have a direct impact on the company's image.


There is some industry needs to fire prevention, anti-static, and other special features, but breathable, durable is the most basic needs. Different industries work clothes to the performance is certainly different, only choosing appropriate work clothes to help improve work efficiency, work clothes when it should be selected in the custom fabrics, selected for their unit's work clothing styles and fabrics in order to achieve best is practical.


So to make your corporate image more perfect, do not be too care about the price. In addition, it should be noted problem overalls style, color and gender differences, in order to ensure the normative and beautiful uniforms, to customers or the community to bring good impression.


Here,we will discuss some about the clothes fabrics:


First, polyester card overalls fabric in texture, feel, drape and have a strong sense of support, but also has a strong strength and wear resistance, shrinkage is relatively small, customized uniform is not easy to aliasing, durability is good, affordable, cotton canvas high-density, solid feel, textured clear. More suitable for jackets like clothes, and wear fastness.


Second, poplin fabric workwear fabric surface clean smooth, delicate texture, grain pattern plump, shiny shiny and soft, soft smooth waxy and other characteristics, most commonly used for summer clothes. Dust-proof anti-static fabric can be made of high-grade anti-static overalls, this fabric is mainly used for storage and transportation, chemical, gas, petroleum, coal, shipping, aerospace, military and other explosive working environment, this fabric has a hardwearing , soft and comfortable, moisture permeability characteristics


Third, cotton drill workwear fabric density, the introduction of organizational fabric, clear lines, Gang Gu clear, light cloth that good quality, this fabric generally feel rather hard, good woolen soft and smooth, with a smooth oily a feeling of. Cotton, the longest period of use, from ancient to modern times has been in use, comfortable to wear clothes made of cotton, the fabric is very soft, but easy to play ball, rarely used to make clothes. Can make work clothes, coveralls, casual clothes, bags and work gloves; woolen ingredients will contain hair, most often used for casual coat, in addition to making casual coats, there are security coats, casual wear has to use this kinds of fabric.


Fourth, the chemical fiber clothing fabrics with colorful, soft, drape crisp, smooth and comfortable, strong and durable, easy care, anti-wrinkle resistance, can not ball, easy to machine wash deformation characteristics in life often use to this material, and polyester fabrics, as is more commonly used, and the prices are relatively cheap.

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