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How to choose laboratory uniforms?

Choose a slightly thicker fabric to help resist the intrusion of water and other dirt. The fabric is required to be wear-resistant, washable, breathable, etc. It is best to require no static electricity.

Laboratory uniforms also require frequent high-intensity washing as well as doctor's clothing, so its fabric requirements should be washable and other features.

The choice of laboratory overalls is best to choose long sleeves, which can effectively block the arm and other parts, prevent harmful substances from getting on the skin, and play a good role in protecting the laboratory staff. Long-sleeved clothes are easy to work, sometimes they can play a role in fire prevention. Medical fabrics are made of special fabrics. They are more convenient in fire protection than other fabrics. They are not easy to ignite and can play a role in flame retardant. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to these aspects when selecting laboratory uniforms, so that you can better carry out your work in the future.