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How to choose high quality working vest

  • Author:Julia
  • Release on:2018-12-03
The vest is a sleeveless garment worn on the upper body and must be close fitting. More often than not, it ends near the waist. Any given vest can be simple or ornate or for leisure or luxury. Historically, the vest can be worn either in the place of or underneath a larger coat dependent upon the weather, wearer, and setting. Sometimes though, a vest is worn over a short- or long-sleeve shirt. There are many types of vests, made of a wide variety of materials, those of which serve various functions and purposes and allow for variation both within and across cultures. A vest might be closed in the front and pulled on over the head or can contain various frontal material like buttons or zippers.

The vest is a continuation of the 17th century - 19th century English waistcoat that spurred from the Middle Age doublet (clothing) and gambeson. Various types of waistcoats may have been worn in theatrical manners such as performances and masquerades prior to what is said to be the early origins of the vest

Waistcoats were styled with new and patterned fabrics but just on the front. Around this time it became popular to use less expensive, contrasting fabric on the back of the waistcoat design, allowing the owner to not spend as much money on the waistcoat as a whole. The fabrics utilized in the creation of these plain, unseen back panels were linen, cotton, or any other type of fabric used to line clothing items.

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