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How to choose chef uniform fabric

The chef uniform fabrics comfort

For chef's custom-made fabrics feel to the touch is good, feel soft and comfortable, after hand pinched loosen will have obvious fold, and fold will not soon return to original state. Pure cotton fabrics, probably between 160-300 grams, the weight of the choice that most choose pure cotton fabrics in 180-260 gram is advisable.

Chef's fabric moisture absorption

Chef's custom-made fabrics mainly of cotton fiber, cotton fiber is a kind of hygroscopicity good porous material, under normal circumstances can into the surrounding atmosphere to absorb moisture, moisture content is in commonly between 8-10%, so made of pure cotton fabrics of chef's advantage is good hygroscopicity, hygroscopicity and chef's is exactly one aspect of the order need to be considered. Hygroscopic and permeability is good chefs wearing comfortable, can make delicious food for our customers.

Chef coats oil waterproof fabric

Cotton polyester blended fabrics do cook the best however, plus the special craft processing, oil waterproof effect very good, and stain resistant easy to clean.