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How to choose anti-acid overalls fabric?

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on:2018-02-05
According to the different fabrics, acid-proof overalls can be divided into airtight and breathable two types. Contact acid plant operations and other serious acid pollution sites suitable for use of airtight acid-proof overalls, the fabric generally used single-sided, double-sided rubber coated fabric (tape), polyethylene plastic film (mainly aprons, sleeves, etc.) Due to the characteristics of the fabric itself can not be very good to complete the exchange of temperature and humidity between the body and the external environment, so the clothing structure can have no protective effect on the ventilation design to make up for the lack of fabric; anti-acid mist, acid gas corrosion , Light acid pollution sites suitable for use breathable anti-acid overalls, which breathable, comfortable to wear, soft and light, fabrics generally use acid-resistant fabrics, such as shavings, tussah silk, polyester fiber, polyester, etc., Although synthetic fiber is not resistant to high temperature, moisture absorption rate is low, poor stability of organic solvents, but acid stability is better than coarse wool, tussah silk and other natural fiber fabrics, especially polyester also has good stability to general organic solvents, has Be widely used.

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