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How to choose anti-acid clothes?

1, to prevent acid alkali between clothing and the combination of body parts, clothing, clothing and other individual protection in between.
2, both hands pulling on clothing material on either side of the joint, joint should not be pulled off, and acid proof clothes should not be broken off, the stitching, airtight anti acid and alkali overalls seam should not come unglued.
3, in order to prevent the accumulation of splash acid alkali intrusive, acid proof clothes in general should not have pockets. Airtight and regulate body temperature and ph overalls for perspiration leave vent appropriate under their arms, back, hip inside, so as to avoid external foreign body or sour lye into. As far as possible to reduce unnecessary decoration, such as, stumble so as to avoid the fold place accumulated sour lye or interfere with the work.
4, combined with other individual protective equipment, such as resistance to acid and alkali, acid and alkali gloves try on shoes, both to ensure that the acid and alkali proof between blouse and trousers, blouses and acid proof gloves, between between the acid-base shoes and trousers, jacket of the neckline and acid and alkali proof cap between reasonable, can prevent acid alkali liquor spattered into, and to ensure the easy, easy to wear off. With the other individual protective equipment must also have the acid and alkali resistant.
5, and simulation using the best places to prevent acid-base overalls for simple test.