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How to avoid shrink?

A lot of times we buy back work clothes that have shrunk in length, causing us a lot of worry. So how do you prevent this from happening?

More than 1, careful tags: now the city road there are many ready-made through preshrinking disposal cotton clothing, generally shrinkage is lower, because the cloth before the trade-off sewing, through high temperature disposal, preshrinking machine is equivalent to "shrink" early, so can keep the shape of the clothing itself very well. Before in the acquisition of cotton clothes, can read clothing label, in addition to query the texture and cotton content, can also take a look at the wash protect logo, for example, if we can machine wash, warm water wash, to abolish up due to the improper care shrink confusion.

2. The work clothes are learned: the cotton clothes that are not disposed of by the anti-shrinkage water can be used in the washing of the brush with the proper method to reduce and decrease the degree of clothing shrinkage. For example, pure cotton products are highly alkaline and can be used in various kinds of flume and lotions, but also can be used to soak clothes in brine for half an hour before washing and then cleaning. When washing, water temperature should be controlled below 35 ℃, shoulds not be long soak in the cleaning agent. In addition, because the pure cotton fiber is not resistant to pulling, the best cotton clothes that are cherished, it is best to wash, or load the laundry bag and set the washing machine as weak water flow. If conditional words can participate in some clothes softener, make cotton clothes soft, do not have apparent shrinkage appearance.

3. There is a knack for overtanning: the process of drying clothes has a great impact on the extent of shrinkage, so don't ignore this ultimate process. In order to avoid the clothing to be too shrunken, the exposure should be properly stretched. If it is a hand wash, after washing, do not turn on the clothes to dry, but leave some water, let the clothing in the effect of gravity, will not be so abbreviated. Together, but can be by pressing method, pulling after living cotton clothing, shaped by iron, can let the clothes get pull again, and then back to the original size, disposal of shrink.