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How to wash your Lab Coat?

As a doctor, lab coat is their daily uniform. Doctors wear them every day. As doctors, you know how to wash medical uniforms or white coat?

(1) sorting: Pocket Laundry elements taken maintained (sorting laundry for washing is very important in the process of a doctor in a white coat always customary ballpoint pen and other items left in the pocket, causing washed accidents.), Second the degree of pollution stains on clothing classification.

(2) pre-treatment: on the collar, cuffs and so easy to clean or dirty parts with soap spray collar stain.

(3) Washing: 30 ° C for 3-5 minutes pre-wash, main wash program carried out after drainage, the main wash temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, he added a strong medical powder, bleach and washing emulsifier 10-15 minutes (eg no faded Yi clothing hospital logo, serious pollution can also be added during the main wash bleach, after the main wash step to add separately to the chlorine bleaching powder bleach chlorine, beautifully washing 65 ° C for 10-12 minutes), washed in the process of rinse, rinsed 3 minutes 60 degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Celsius rinse after three minutes, adding powdered acid and 45 degrees Celsius in the last washing process, 3-5 minutes after completion of washing off the top.

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