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How to Pinroll Jeans: Pinroll in Simple Steps

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-23
Pinrolling jeans and chinos is a trendy look for sure.
That said, it isn’t a look for everyone or every occasion. 

But if you’d like to try it out, why not?
The thing is:
Just because this look is ‘in’, doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right.
However, if you’re curious about how to pinroll jeans and avoid the most common pinrolling mistakes this how to pinroll jeans tutorial is perfect for you.

These Pants Can Be Pinrolled

I know some guys who have never worn a pair of jeans …
… and I know others who have never worn a pair of chinos. 

I also know many who love to wear both types of pants—me included.
The good news is that pinrolling isn’t reserved for only one type of pants.
Both chinos and jeans can be pinrolled. 

Depending on what vibe you’re aiming for, one can be just as good as the other.
With jeans, I would typically wear sneakers, and with chinos, I’d opt for loafers or sneakers.

Trousers and all pants with creases are out of the question.
They’re simply too dressy for this casual look. 

Also, some of the shoes that look best with trousers don’t pair with pinrolled jeans (more on that in a bit).