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How to Find What You Need at an Outerwear

  • Author:Monica
  • Release on:2018-01-31
Have you ever gone into a store knowing what you wanted, and then immediately got overwhelmed by the amount of selection there was? This is how many people feel when they are shopping for coats at an outerwear store in New York City. It started with the change in the weather. You felt cold on your way to work. You felt the need to be warmer than what your fall jacket was doing for you. This need was simple enough. You were cold, so you should buy a coat. However, once you entered the store, there was an overwhelming variety to choose from. Here are some tips to find what you need quickly. The All-in-One
There are a couple routes you can go when you are shopping for a winter coat. You can buy several smaller coats for every need that you need to fill. You can get a coat for wind, rain, or snow. Or you can get a winter coat that will cover all of these climate obstacles. If you are getting one coat to rule them all, then you need to make sure that it is:
• waterproof • has a hood (whether removable or not) • blocks the wind • insulated • preferably has a fleece insert
This coat does exist and it will have you covered through all weathers. However, it can be a bit bulky at times and it is nice to have more than one coat to use in case you need to wash this one.
Wind Breaker
A wind breaker is just that. It is made out of a fabric that has a high and dense thread count that will keep the wind from penetrating your clothes and onto your skin. Just because a day is windy, doesn't mean that it is necessarily very cold. A wind breaker will keep the wind from coming in, but it is very lightweight and thin. It will not keep you warm in very cold temperatures. This type of outerwear is best used while you are running or riding a bike. It won't weigh you down while it protects you from the elements.
A parka is an excellent choice for someone who lives in an area that has a lot of snow during the winter. Many times parkas are made out of water repellent materials like wool that will keep you dry and warm, but also allow you to breathe. If snow is your forecast for a good amount of the winter months, then a parka is the route to go. It is commonly fur or fleece lined and very comfortable.
Fleece Jacket
If you are looking for something to wear on typical colder days that won't weigh you down and you can wear inside or outside without looking like a crazy person, then a fleece jacket is for you. The best thing about a fleece jacket is that you can wear it on your way to work or to school and you don't have to take 10 minutes to take it off like you would with a snow suit or larger coat. You can keep it at your desk all day so that you can put it on or off depending on your mood and body temperature. It is also helpful to have a fleece jacket like this in case you can't decide what you want to wear in the morning. People would probably judge you if you wore the same shirt a few days in a row, but if you wear your fleece jacket over it, no one will think twice about it. If you are still unsure, go to an outerwear store in New York City and try on a few coats for yourself.
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