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How to Choose the Best Quality Scrubs

For any medical professional who wears scrubs through every shift, every day, quality is important. Price doesn’t always designate quality, however. You can find a durable, comfortable, easy-to-care for set of scrubs at an affordable price across a variety of brand names such as Cherokee Workwear scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, or Carhartt, to name a few. Knowing how to distinguish quality scrubs from cheaply made ones helps.

Fabric quality is important. The top-selling scrubs on the market have been those made of 100 percent cotton. Not only are they comfortable, they hold up after repeated washing. There are other materials making their way into the market that offer the same breathability of cotton, but with the added ability to pull moisture away from the body, adding to the level of comfort. The latest synthetic options offer dri-release properties, feel softer, and offer a better fit than some cotton scrubs may provide.


Construction is another quality to consider when evaluating scrub quality. Double stitching should be found throughout the garment, but specifically in areas receiving the most stress due to movement coinciding with those you perform in a normal day’s activities.

Color Consistency

You may be required to wear the same color scrubs every day. When you look at a rack of jade-colored scrubs in a specific brand, you shouldn’t see a variety of shades labeled “jade.” There should be consistency within each color option. Colorfastness is another important consideration. Colors should stay bright

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