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How to Choose the Best Nursing Scrubs

If you work in the medical field, you wear scrubs. These comfortable uniforms set you apart from other professions and prevent contamination. Whether you frequently buy scrubs or this is your first time making this type of purchase, here are a few things to keep in mind before visiting the scrub shops in Tulsa, OK.
• Not every color is suitable for every job. Before you purchase your scrubs, it’s important that you speak with your employer to see which types of colors are required. Some medical offices, hospitals, and dental offices are particular about which colors of scrubs can be worn by certain personnel. Verifying the colors that you’ll need for your profession beforehand will save you money and time.
• Choose a style that you love. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your scrubs. For that reason, you want to find scrubs that are comfortable. Pockets are a great way to keep necessities close by. There are plenty of tops and pants available with pockets. You may also want to try some styles with drawstrings as opposed to elastic waistbands.

• Just as with any other article of clothing, quality matters. Scrubs require a different care regimen than other uniforms. In some cases, you may need to wash them twice to ensure that they are thoroughly decontaminated. If you buy scrubs that are of an inferior quality, they may deteriorate or begin to pill. It pays to invest in quality scrubs. They’ll last longer and look nicer while on the job.

• A soft material is always preferable when purchasing scrubs. Soft cotton or a cotton-polyester blend is going to feel better. Whether you are working a 12-hour shift or an 8-hour shift, the more comfortable your scrubs are, the more comfortable you are.

• Before purchasing your scrubs, take the time to try them on. While you might be tempted to grab them and go, trying them on will ensure that they fit comfortably and look good. Different brands and styles will fit you differently. Choose a style that helps you to feel confident.

• It’s important that you have more than one pair of scrubs. Due to the lengthy decontamination process, you need to have options. Purchase a few different pairs of scrubs to ensure that you have enough uniforms to cover each of your shifts for the week. You’ll only have to wash your scrubs once a week as opposed to daily.

• While scrubs are important, don’t forget to wear a comfortable undershirt underneath. This prevents any irritation from occurring. It also adds a layer of protection should a spill occur. After a long shift, comfort is key.

• Not every pair of scrubs needs to cost a fortune. While it is important to find quality material, make sure that you compare prices. Look for sales and specials to ensure that you get the best deal for a quality product.

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