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High-end work clothes made accessories requirements

High-grade uniforms are all demanding, including custom work clothes accessories, then the high-end work clothes custom accessories do you want to do? Today's new workshop Xiaobian and share with you:

Accessories are in addition to the main fabric other than the auxiliary material, play a connection, decoration, function and other effects, the main classification of thermal transfer materials, lace lace, beads tube sequins, button zipper pull (zipper head), line with lining trademark tag Hanging tablets line deduction, line deduction and so on.

Here mainly introduced button zipper pull (zipper head), line with lining trademark tag hanging tablets line deduction, line buckle.

High-end overalls on the zipper demanding, the new workshop custom work zipper are used in the world zipper industry's most famous YKK provide a zipper to a few dollars it The lining material refers to a material used between the fabric and the lining, attached or adhered to the cloth. Hanging tablets, is the use of more clothing brand, one of the performance tools. Do not underestimate these accessories, a high-end uniforms and it is closely related, all are the best!

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