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Focus on the workwear clothing design of proportion

Custom-made clothes is a profound knowledge, all aspects should be "care" in every possible way, the most important thing is to design the proportion of overalls, overalls aesthetic design should fully consider the ratio, which requires us to do the following:

Special attention in customized uniform principles in the United States and parts, and for customized clothing design is an important part, to give people the joy of beauty; conversely, if not easy to strike a balance, it will make the wearer feel very uncomfortable. In the design of clothes, the equalization to note: If the human eye to look to go from one side to the other, will find attractive to both sides is equal.

Attention will be like a pendulum swinging back and forth, and finally stopped at a point in the middle of the poles, the center of the object if this equilibrium, so make eyes with satisfaction in this stop, let people enjoy a pleasurable feeling. Clothing style, whether it is tight-fitting type, or a loose type, we need to have some of the details of the settings to meet the visual needs of the eye. Made clothes, it is important that craft, decoration, clothing and body structure. Clothing styles, whether detail settings, the effect is quite different.

For example, on both sides of the same quality and color overalls anthropomorphic amount of material, which is a measure of a balanced relationship, and once to change the part of the quality and color, both visually lose a sense of balance. Or the same material, while very dark in color, while the color is very light, breaking both cases equilibrium; this is the role component.

Clothes in the design should make full use of the color and quality of the relationship between the left and right to reach equilibrium. In a word, symmetry, can be designed to force good clothes, but must have good coordination.

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