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First Phase Canton Fair is Over

China's foreign trade is regarded as "leader" of the 119th Canton Fair, the first of the 19 closed. Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned from the organizers, the first trade fair to be buyers of 9.38 million, compared with last year's Spring and Autumn Fair Buyer a number of have rebounded.

According to statistics, the 119th Canton Fair one to be buyers 9.38 million, 9.2 million and 118th last year compared with last year's 117th (Spring Fair) of (Autumn Fair) have rebounded to 8.9 million people. From a regional perspective, Asia 55600 Europe 12600, 13300 Americas, Oceania, 02900, 09400 Africa, a slight decrease compared with the previous two, but the overall increase. It is nearly two years, the first time in Canton a number of buyers pick-up situation.

From the transaction, the transaction data are a variety of product categories to good sign. According to the Electrical and Mechanical Chamber of Commerce statistics, as of April 18, the Electrical and Mechanical Museum turnover of $ 14.1 billion, with turnover growth of 2.13 percentage points over the 118th. Brand exhibition, the household appliances is still ranked first in turnover, turnover decreased by 8.68%, consumer electronics and information products brand exhibition turnover growth of 53.6%. The air conditioner has become the 4th highest single product turnover, turnover of machinery and electronic products accounted for 14.7% of turnover, growth of 3.86%. Among them, the turnover of the sudden emergence of the Americas, growth of 8.8%, Oceania turnover growth of 11.0%. , Four days before the United States is the country with the highest turnover of machinery and electronic products, turnover of $ 1.53 billion, growth of 20.0%.

Minmetals Chamber of Commerce data also show that Minmetals chemical industry beginning to bear signs of a slow recovery. As of April 17, Museum of Minerals and Chemicals accumulated turnover of 1.87 billion US dollars, an increase of 9.9% over the same period of the 118th Canton Fair, the chain raise 1.1 percentage points; turnover increased 10.95% MoM orders. Turnover growth in the national top 30 in nearly half from "along the way" along the country. Among them, the majority of "along the way" along the National turnover was the last turnover doubled. Exports to European and American markets showed an upward trend, the chain increased, respectively, 10.5% and 9.43%. African market this substantial recovery of growth 38.89%.