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Find trendty style mens hi vis safety jacket and pant

  • Author:Julia
  • Release on:2018-11-20
Many construction employers think they are providing their project teams with the best high-visibility (hi-vis) work wear, when in fact they are putting their lives at risk this winter, says leading safety equipment specialists OnSite Support.
All UK employers are required to provide their employees with clean, undamaged hi-vis clothing if they are working in reduced visibility conditions, and ensure that staff know how to wear it correctly and when it is required. Employers are also responsible for maintaining, storing and regularly checking and replacing damaged garments.
“Hi-vis clothing should be comfortable, non-restrictive and provide good visibility during the day, at night, and in poor weather conditions. The best colours for conspicuity are orange or fluorescent yellow and all clothing should have certified reflective strips,” explains Chris. “Just as importantly, these garments should be compatible with other protective workwear and safely secured so that they don’t catch or interfere with the operation of other equipment.