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Fashional clothing design is a cultural heritage

Recently, a field called "Gui Yuan Chu Xin" Park edge fashion brand big show to let the sea temple lively. Wu Haiyan to "five elements" as a creative concept to rely on silk fabrics as the main carrier, the most adept at the Chinese classical design, decoration into 60 sets of clothing. A large number of natural flowers, geometric and other elements, under scrutiny are actually taken from the mural on the figure of the dressed decoration, and through the pattern weaving, hand-painted, embroidery and other technology and system design methods presented.

"These murals are too precious." Wu Haiyan told reporters, the Temple of the murals of the Yuan and Ming and Qing Dynasties, the existing rare by the court painter drawn for the exquisite works, including the Buddhist world of Buddhas Bodhisattva, Days, Flying fairies and landscapes, very useful reference.

Indeed, in the era of rapid turnover of the trend, too many graffiti and believe in the flooding of the market, and has a high artistic value of the traditional pattern few people are concerned.

"China's traditional pattern is a treasure house of Jinshan Yinshan, contains a great aesthetic ideas and poetic flavor, the meaning behind it and the law will bring us a lot of creative inspiration and inspiration.But how to activate and innovation, need all areas Common face and innovation. "Wu Haiyan said.

As for the entire series of why the selection of silk as a carrier, Wu Haiyan said that since the late 80s of the last century all their own Chinese and foreign press conferences are based on Chinese culture first, with silk as the material. The world of the Chinese people of the two kinds of baby, one ceramic, two is silk, it is the best image of the dissemination of Chinese culture business card.

Wu Haiyan in the concept, fashion design is a cultural heritage. The exploration and application of culture need designers to treat rationally - through repeated reflections of aesthetic laws, comparative examination, local macroscopical and other methods to achieve the ideal goal of rigorous design, creation of materials and environment.

As described in this release show manual, human evolution so far, in addition to the need to continue to move forward, but also to go back and sort out the way, across time and space, Gui Yuanchu heart, which is the source and essence of Chinese civilization - days People one. The Wu Haiyan in the design to follow the pattern of law, is also part of the natural law.

"In the era of promoting the spirit of the craftsmen, we not only emphasize the technical skills, but also emphasize the aesthetic and quality of life brought by cultural creativity and integrated design, and carry forward the Chinese culture and spirit is the responsibility of our generation. Wu Haiyan said.

Talking about the future development of Park edge brand, founder of the brand Liu Fang also said: "As the Fahai Temple inspiration derived from, Park edge hope for the Chinese cultural heritage take up a Including the creation of fine silk products, the integration of classical patterns at the same time rejuvenation, in order to enter more of the design, enhance people 's life taste and taste.

Once the "Silk Road" to let the world know China, now "along the way" for the industry rebirth into vitality, high-tech and high design in the field of cultural industries how to match, how to inherit and development, we need to return to origin, Start.

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