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Fashional Suit

When you start thinking about what style of suit, the first thing you need to consider is the number of buttons on the suit This will determine the building materials and fit of clothing Here are some basic points: three button suit is very popular in the 1990 s, now it has become a standard young man Don't choose the high cardigan style, choose a style of collar Is when you just buckle in the middle of the button, the soft collar can, in turn, cover the top buttons

Single grain of a suit, the button is with the jacket pocket at the same level, this style is the result of the gentleman, initially in solemn occasion wear, such as the celebration and banquet, is a popular style in the seventy s Single button suit, although has not become the mainstream workplace is dressed up, but many believe that man can also find it in your closet Single button suit brings along with the gender and easy spirit

In recent years, two button-down suits are spreading, with almost every fashion brand designing two button-down suits, and they are becoming more streamlined and modern