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Fashion your clothes for work !

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on:2017-11-06
In the replacement season time, there are always a lot of sister in trouble with what to start! To follow Helen to see these fashion is not the same as the Korean version of the thin tooling piece trousers! 
01 college wind leisure tooling piece pants. Upper body a little handsome work Siamese pants, specially designed flat buckle increased the characteristics of the collar, hidden zipper so that the overall more capable, waist waist tight waist adjustable waist, piercing the effect was thin.
02 loose large pocket tooling Siamese pants. A school full of windwork piece of pants, loose large pocket design allows you to prevent small items Oh! Fashionable addition of more practical, tooling wind wear very Korean feel. 

03 loose cowboy working piece pants. Cowboy Siamese pants than the ordinary Siamese pants more part of the playful and lively, looks full of age, more than a light fresh and fresh intellectual beauty, loose tooling version, no roar any occasion, can be handsome Style simple piercing fashion feeling.
04 solid color harness tooling piece pants. Upper body is very casual tool piece, the two side of the pocket design to increase the effect of age, with no shirt or short sleeve with the United States and the United States, so you become playful and full of vitality.
05 Army green loose tooling piece pants. This dress is the school wind design, simple and lively, so you young and dynamic, the army green rate of the street and a little sweet girl, very like!
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