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Famous figures' shirt made a highlight of Clinton Rallies

  • Author:Rail
  • Release on:2016-08-02
Bill Clinton's fashion sensibility took center stage Saturday at a trio of Hilary Clinton's rallies in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Democratic presidential candidate cited her husband's Pennsylvania-made shirt, using it as a visual aid to slam Donald Trump's purported affinity for U.S.-made products and remind her supporters of the plethora of Donald Trump-branded products made overseas.

Clinton then worked her husband's shirt into the speech, saying, "In fact, my husband told me on the bus ride here ... you know, this shirt he has on right now, he said, that's made in Reading, Pennsylvania. And, look. You're not going to believe this because it just sounds too coincidental. It's made at a company called Bills. So Donald Trump says he wants to make 'America Great Again.' Well, he can start by actually making things in America again!"

Bill Clinton proceeded to unbutton his blazer to show off the plaid shirt.

During the event, he tweeted a photo of his shirt's label, confirming it was made in the Keystone State.

And finally, at a rally later in the day in Youngstown, Ohio, Hillary Clinton, said, "I don't ant to stir up any rivalry with Pennsylvania, but my husband is wearing a shirt that was made in Reading, Pennsylvania. So if we're going to start making things in America, Donald Trump better start making things in America."