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Exhibition Summary (三)

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Release on:2017-11-20
3.Sorting Data,and following up timely
  After show: Only half of the work is done, and what really works is to follow up after the show. What we need to do is:

    Customer Classification: According to the process and result of negotiation with customer, the customers can be divided into official customer, potential customer and invalid customer. The official customer is the old customer. Potential customer refers to our products have a clear ordering intention, just to further follow up, to determine some details can be ordered customers. Invalid customer means to leave a business card only at the exhibition, no communication, and they only collect some information. The customer records during the exhibition will be combed, corresponding to the customer, and then do further communication contact.

  Contact customer: mail to customer, which include all the information with customer during exhibition, and express our appreciate to customer’s attention. Contact key customers first. If the exhibition has a photo with the customer, send out as well.

  Reply customer: Some replies will be received after the mail was sent out.Read these replies carefully, try to get the true ideas of customers, respond to customers, reply promptly.

  Follow up again: If customers are satisfied with our products and prices, we will guide him to buy products, build cooperation. If we send an email, but the customer doesn’t respond, we need to send message or make a phone call to follow up. So that we can determine the possibility of this customer's cooperation.

  Participating professional exhibitions, can be highlighted in the same industry from my company's strength, closer to the customer service, from the same exhibitors, find the shortcomings of the self, and constantly improve ourselves. Perhaps from one of the exhibitions, we cannot get good result immediately. But I believe that through the company's vigorous publicity and promotion, coupled with follow-up development work, and the industry in various aspects of information fusion Exchange, so that professional exhibition truly become a service in our brand promotion, product display and the strength of the company, so let the three-ring brand effect throughout China, to the world.