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Drying clothes also should be skilful

Different colors take a different method of drying clothes in order to keep their shape, do not fade, overalls custom garment drying techniques to explain:


Silk fabrics clothing: After washing in cool ventilated place to dry naturally, and is preferably negative outward. Because the difference between silk clothing sunlight resistant properties, it is not directly in the sun exposure, otherwise it will cause fabrics to fade, the intensity decreased. Or darker than the bright colors of the clothing particular attention to this point. Also, do not use fire to dry silk garments.


Cotton, cotton and flax fabric clothing: clothing such ships can be placed directly under the sun ted, because these fibers hardly decrease in sunlight intensity, or a slight decline, but will not be deformed. However, in order to avoid fading, the best negative outwards.


Chemical fiber fabric clothes: synthetic clothes washing Bi, not exposure to sunlight. Because the yellowing acrylic fiber exposure easy to change; nylon, polypropylene and rayon in the sunlight exposure, fiber easy to aging; polyester, Velen in the daylight effect will accelerate the photochemical cleavage of the fibers, affecting the life of the fabric. Therefore, the chemical fiber clothes to dry in the shade as well.


Wool fabric clothing: washed, but also on the cool air to dry naturally, and to negative outward. Because the surface of wool fibers scaly layer external natural oil amine film endowed wool fibers soft sheen. If on the sun exposure, oleylamine film surface due to high temperature oxidation and deterioration, which seriously affect the appearance and life.


Sweater, sweaters and other knitted fabrics clothing: In order to prevent deformation of the class clothes can be washed after loading them into the net bag, hanging in ventilated place to dry; or two hanger hanging to dry at the time, in order to avoid over-hanging heavy deformation; you can also use bamboo or plastic pipe string up to dry; able to do so, it can be tiled on other items to dry. In short, to avoid exposure or baking

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