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Do you know the meaning of nurse uniforms?

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-01

When we talk about nurse uniforms,the first thing come into our head is white uniform angels. But,in fact,nurse uniforms also have different colors,not only white.

1.white is a symbol of purity, general ward is wearing a white uniform.
2.Obstetric and pediatric nurses usually wear pink,because it is a soft,symbolizes warmth,harmony of color, after the child is born so beautiful sight of Medical Education. Education Network collected more colors,it will looks pretty nice, pediatric inpatient children are generally filled with fear of white, pink brings much better visual effects, can reduce the fear of the child's hospitalization.
3.Operating room, ICU ward are generally green,but also a clothes warm, you can reduce the fear of critically ill patients,but also represents a strong vitality is not bad.

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